How to remove a small piece of glass from foot

Castor oil is an excellent remedy. It has drawing properties. Cover the are with castor oil and a bandage. Remove the bandage the next day and observe the glss piece on the bandage. Egg shell with its wet inside is placed carefully on the affected area. A tweezer helps in teh last stages. Apply glue and leave for a few minutes. It is scraped after a few minutes with the piece of glass. A piece of bacon fat is placed on the pierced area and cover with a bandage. The glass of piece is removed easily the next morning. The same technique is followed with tar. This process might take a slightly longer time. Pour a few drops of peroxide to see its miracle effect. The glass is out within a few minutes. Place a piece of bread is placed and left overnight, by tying with a cloth. Dip a needle in soap and rub it on the area of piercing. Continuous rubbing gives rise to pressure by which the glass piece comes out. Rubbing salt pork also has a positive effect. Thick soap paste on the area is useful.

answered by Dr C

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