Best Way To Remove Foreign Matter From The Eye: I Have A Piece Of Fiber Glass Insulation Stuck In My Eye. How Do I Get It Out?

If anything is stuck in your eye for more than a period of a couple of hours, you must immediately cease all attempts to remove it yourself. Keep in mind that the eyes are an extremely delicate organ and any attempts to try anything extra ordinary with them can only have negative and adverse results. If the piece of fiberglass you are talking about is not bothering you too much, then you are advised to visit an eye doctor to take care of it. This kind of doctor would be an ophthalmologist. Sometimes, the procedure of clamping your eyes open may have to be used in order to get something stuck out of your eye. You should also know never to try this at home. It may not only cause all kinds of damage to your eye, you may also end up making irreversible changes in your eyes that would not work well for you in the long run. Usually, the best way to remove something that is stuck in your eyes is to rest your eyes. When you are sleeping, your eyes are in constant motion. This motion is commonly called Rapid Eye Movement (REM). The REM of your eyes is usually such that it will automatically clean out your eyes and bring any undesirable elements to rest at the corners of your eyes. From these corners, they can be very easily removed or simply flicked off.

Your best bet to remove anything which is stuck in the eye is to sleep it off. You will find it easier to deal with the offending object after it has been relegated to a part of the eye which is not causing constant itching or irritation. Remember that if your eyes are constantly irritated or itchy, then they will also water too much. Sometimes, too much of eye watering can also lead to the eye swelling up unnaturally. This can also cause extreme discomfort and will usually end up in making whatever it is you are trying to remove stick even more firmly on to the eye. If the method of sleeping does not work for you, your next bet is to try and wash your eyes so that the piece of foreign matter is removed from it. You can use an eye glass for this purpose to rinse your eyes out. Use plain tap water for the purpose for best results. If your eye is excessively irritated or swollen, you can also use rose water.

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