How do you remove ugly foot calluses?

Due to constant friction or pressure of skin rubbing the bony areas of the foot, or due to ill-fitting shoes, one sometimes develops what is called a callus or callosity. After a while, if callus treatment hasn't been successful and if the pressure is extreme, the callus will get thicker and thicker and become what is known as a corn. However, when the rubbing is consistent or intense it ends up forming a blister rather than forming a callous. Therefore, though it can be assumed that calluses are not harmful by and large, they may sometimes lead to an ulcer or infection. This poses a unique threat to people suffering from diabetes as their circulation is poor and are more prone to infection. People with these illnesses who are exposed to conditions that encourage the formation of calluses should visit a doctor on a regular basis to avoid further complications. Particularly if you are diabetic, do not try any callus treatment without first consulting your physician.

There are many ways to treat calluses. One very effective and simple way is to use an over-the-counter cream daily. However, while doing so make sure that the cream does not have any acid in it. After a few minutes of the application of the ointment, immerse your feet in warm water for ten minutes, and then dry with a soft towel. This enables the callus to absorb water and soften. After this, gently rub the callus with a pumice stone until you see a sufficient amount of it has come off. As a precaution, never try removing a Callus by cutting it with a sharp instrument like scissors, blade or knife. If you have lots of Callused tissue, you can immerse your feet in diluted chamomile tea; the tea will both soften and soothe the hard skin.

One remedy that is recommended for stubborn calluses is aspirin tablets - you can crush a few tablets, add a little lemon juice and water to the powder, and then apply this paste to the calluses. For this to be more effective, you should ideally wrap your foot in a plastic bag, and drape a towel that is warm around this, so that the paste is able to penetrate the callus thoroughly. After around 15 minutes, you can remove the towel from your foot, and use a pumice stone to wear down the callus. Since there is a remote chance of a negative reaction, if you are allergic to aspirin do not use it on your skin.

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