Steps to Treat Common Exercise Injuries

by Sam Malone

Exercise injuries occur quite commonly. But the good news is that most of these injuries are simple ones which heal quickly. There are certain steps that need to be taken for different exercise injuries and it is advisable to know what these are so that you are prepared when any injury or accident occurs.

One of the most common exercise injuries is a twisted ankle. This can occur during activities such as walking or running. If concentration slips for just a moment or if you step on something unexpected, it could upset your balance. This causes the ankle to get wrenched. When this happens, it is advisable to remain seated on the spot and gauge the extent of the injury. You must never remove your shoe until you reach a place where you can remain for a long time. This is because if you remove your shoe immediately after the injury, your foot could swell up and you would have to walk bare foot until you reach a resting place. The shoe will also provide some amount of support while walking. You may gently feel around your ankle to check for broken bones. If you are sure there is no serious injury, get back home and keep your foot elevated to reduce the blood flowing to the foot area. Place an ice compress on the ankle as this will help in constricting blood vessels, thereby causing the swelling to subside. Another common exercise injury is tendonitis in the wrist or elbow caused by weight lifting. The first step here is to limit the weight lifting. If the pain is intense, discontinue the weight lifting completely. Allow your body to heal the injured tendons naturally. Pain relieving medications may be taken to assist in the process. After proper rest, the pain is likely to reduce and disappear altogether. In some cases, the tendonitis may be severe and surgery may be required.

Another injury that is not directly related to exercise but does occur quite often while performing exercises such as running and walking is a dog bite. Dog bites can be quite serious and it is advisable to avoid looking at dogs in the eye if you suspect them to be a threat. If you foresee that a dog is about to attack, drop and roll yourself into a ball, with your arms covering your head. If a dog bite does occur, seek medical help immediately.

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