Why do I always feel hungry, I suffer bloating and constipation, why all the time my stomach big and bloated and sound like a drum.

Many people are keen on knowing the causes of bloating and constipation as nowadays on account of the poor diet and stressful lifestyle, bloating and constipation are common complaints. Improper diet is one of the most common causes of bloating and constipation. This is mostly because there are some foods such as beans as well as dark leafy vegetables that are known to produce a lot of gas and thereby result in bloating as well as constipation. One of the main causes of bloating and constipation is food that hasn't been properly absorbed. This is mostly in the case of foods that contain sorbitol as well as milk and fructose in some people who are not tolerant towards these foods. One of the natural cures for bloating is to regularly drink some warm peppermint tea or even ginger tea. There are also some exercises that are known to give quick relief from constipation. One of these exercises is to lie down flat on ones back and then slowly raise ones left knee to their chest while ensuring that the right leg is kept as close as possible to the floor. One should practice this exercise one a regular basis by alternating the knees. Bloating and constipation relief can also be gained by ensuring that one does not skip their meals and instead consume plenty of water.

One of the causes of bloating and constipation is also insufficient intake of water which results in the contractions of the muscles of one's colon. This in turn slows down the colon and thereby the stool that is finally produced tends to be very dry and firm which inevitably results in the elimination process of the stools from ones bowels to become very difficult. One of the natural cures for bloating and gas is to also ensure that one should consume a sufficient amount of fiber in their daily diet. This is important because fiber tends to help in keeping the stools of the person soft and thereby allowing ease of the movement of their bowels. On the other hand, if the person does not a sufficient intake of fiber in their daily diet then the stools of the person will eventually become too hard to pass resulting in the person getting constipated and eventually bloating as well. One of the best natural cures for bloating and constipation is to get regular exercise in the form of a light jog or even brisk walking which should be done on a daily basis. Daily exercise is known to provide constipation and bloating relief because it ensures that the colon as well as the other organs of the body are in good health.

Some of the signs and symptoms of constipation in children as well as in adults are passing less than three stool per week, experiencing very hard or dry stools, experiencing a feeling of blockage in the rectum. Feeling the need to strain excessively at the time of the bowel movements as well as experiencing a feeling of incomplete evacuation even after one has had a bowel movement. Quick relief from bloating and constipation should be sought if one also observes the presence of blood in their stools, rectal pain, unexplained and significant weight loss as well as thin pencil like stools. One of the preventive measures to get quick relief from constipation and bloating is to try and eliminate or even minimize the intake of sugar and white flour in ones daily diet. There are many natural cures for bloating as well as constipation. These would include consuming whole prunes or even strained prunes. If your condition does not seem to improve you could contact your doctor and seek medical help.

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