My father's age is 71 yrs and has constipation, nausea, bloating, & stomach heat. We have done endoscopy & sonography. Doctors say it's because of age. Please advise

You know that is a pat answer from Drs. there could be something wrong with his gall bladder. My mother had a gall bladder problem and the Dr. said the same thing. On the internet, look up Gall Bladder Cleanse, it will not hurt to do it even if it is not that. Also get him on some fiber laxative, he will have to take it every day for it to help and drink a lot of water with it. Psylium is a great fiber lax. there is a new one too, called Miralax, but if you want to go cheat and just as good, get some wheat bran, mix about 2 T. at first in a blender with a banana and milk, drink it with a straw it works great, is cheap and taste good. you may have to order the wheat bran over the internet, they have taken it out of the food section and put it in the lax section so they can charge more money.

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