Are there any remedies to tighten huge vaginal opening?

Many women are keen on finding ways both natural and cosmetic to tighten a loose vagina. This problem mostly occurs in most women after child birth as during child birth the pelvic muscles tend to relax excessively and resulting in a large vaginal opening. Vaginal rejuvenation or vaginal reconstruction is a process wherein the vaginal muscles are tightened, toned and strengthened. This is also beneficial in improving ones sexual satisfaction. However many women nowadays mostly prefer natural home remedies to address the problem of large vaginal lips as compared to vaginal surgery because of the side effects that may occur in future.

One of the best natural remedies to tighten a loose vagina is through regular yoga and exercise. These exercises are mostly aimed at developing a tight vaginal opening and hence revolve around inhaling and contracting ones vaginal muscles. The woman should then hold her breath for a few seconds and then gently exhale and also release the vaginal muscles. This exercise is also known as Kegel's exercise and should be repeated for a minimum of at least 10 counts on a daily basis to resolve the problem of a large vaginal opening. Kegel exercises are not only beneficial to tighten a loose vagina but also help in the toning of the area around the vagina. Rather than opting for expensive and complicated vaginal plastic surgery many women opt for Kegel exercises which could be practiced at any time and any place without anyone even knowing about it and they are also very effective. Additionally, a large vaginal opening can be tightened by a variety of sex exercises as well as yoga. These exercises also tend to heighten the level of sexual response and also firm and strengthen the pelvic floor of the woman.

Kegel exercises are also known to be highly beneficial in toning ones bladder and thereby ensuring that one does not suffer from urinary incontinence. Another one of the methods that one can use to tighten a loose vagina is to use vaginal cones which are basically weighted devices that are around the same size as that of a tampon. In order for these cones to be effective against a large vaginal opening one should start the treatment by using the lightest cone first and then gradually move to the heavier cones. One needs to insert the cones into ones vagina and then squeeze the vaginal muscles to hold the cone in place. One should practice this treatment for at least 15 minutes at a time for best results. Similarly another non surgical way of treating large vaginal lips is Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation wherein the technician or the doctor will use a probe that tends to produce an electric current inside the vagina of the woman.

The electric current that is generated is useful in stimulating the pelvic floor muscles which in turn causes them to relax and contract alternatively. One of the herbal remedies to tighten a loose vagina is to use oak galls which are known to have very strong astringent properties that can apparently firm and tighten the vaginal wall muscles. In fact it has also been found that oak galls can help the woman regain elasticity and also muscle tone. Oak galls are also used as a natural remedy to minimize any foul discharge from ones vagina. While using Kegel exercises one should keep in mind that these Kegel exercises will not make the vagina itself smaller but will only help in tightening the vaginal opening which tends to loosen. Kegel exercises can also be practiced while urinating and then trying to stop and start the flow of urine using ones pelvic or vaginal muscles only.

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