Vaginal Cancer

by Carol Gomes

Vaginal cancer is the cancer of vaginal tissues, i.e. tissues of the vagina. Like other cancer this cancer too forms as squamous cell cancer or adenocarcinoma. This cancer spreads on the vaginal walls initially and later on goes on to affect paravaginal tissues and parametria.

This cancer is capable of metastasizing; however, it might metastasize distantly to liver or lungs. Adeonocarcinoma can occur anytime between the ages of 17 to 21 as opposed to other types of vaginal cancers which occur after the age of 50.

There are numerous symptoms of this type of cancer, but this cancer can be detected earlier most of the times before it can turn fatal. Vaginal cancer symptoms include excessive bleeding from the vagina, there can be both primary and secondary types of vaginal cancers.

Vaginal cancers are common in daughters of women who were consuming diethylstilbestrol in 1950s to avoid instance of abortions among women. Vaginal cancer can also begin in the glandular cells inside the vagina. These cells then are capable of metastasizing cancer to any other place.

Vaginal melanoma is caused by infection of the vagina wall, and ca be potentially dangerous as cancer.

For treatment of vaginal cancer, there are not many treatments available, only surgery happens to be the most effective method of removal of cancer. Treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy have not proven to be very useful. These treatments have not shown any changes in the current state of cancer.

Vaginal cancer can be a bit difficult to detect, though it is not so dangerous, patients above the age of 60 are at life risk. The amount of risk generally depends on the spread of cancer, whether there are lesions in middle or the lower vagina. Women who are at exposure to high-risk vaginal cancer should keep on diagnosing it all the time and keep following it up, so that the vaginal cancer can be treated, properly. In most of the cases, where proper follow up has been done most of the cases of this cancer have been treated successfully and no more incidences of this cancer have been found out.

There are different types of vaginal cancers, which should be treated differently, not all cancers can be treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, therefore surgery might be the best option, this cancer can be controlled and reduced all together however, proper follow-ups and complete following of instructions should be done by the patient.

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