I was having a pimple near my left side burn before 8 months and I pop it up after 3 months I realized that its size is increasing but there is no opening for that c told me that u need a small surgery for that.

Some people tend to have a skin problem wherein they develop sideburn pimples or acne. Sideburn pimples or acne are facial eruptions that are isolated to the skin near ones sideburns. These pimples are sometimes also known to leave acne scars on the skin once the side burn pimple dry up. One of the home remedies for treating acne scars is to apply some freshly squeezed lemon juice on the scars which will help lighten them. As part of the acne scar solution one should firstly clean ones face with some lemon juice. Thereafter one should dab approximately one teaspoon of lemon juice onto a cotton ball and specifically apply this lemon juice on the side burn pimples and acne. The lemon juice should be allowed to remain on the skin for ten minutes and thereafter rinsed. Another acne scar removal treatment that can be followed at home itself is to exfoliate ones skin with some baking soda. In fact baking soda is also often used in many microdermabrasion skin treatments. One could arrive at an acne scar solution at home itself by mixing two teaspoons of filtered water and one teaspoon of baking soda. This mixture should then be gently rubbed on the sideburn acne and pimples for at least one minute before rinsing it off. Another one of the home remedies for acne scars involves the use of olives. In this natural treatment for side burn acne and pimples one should exfoliate ones skin with some olive oil and baking soda and gently massage the skin with this mixture. Those suffering from acne scars should keep in mind that acne scarring tends to result in skin losing its elasticity and even suppleness over a period of time.

Hence this acne scar solution involving olive oil tends to penetrate deep in the skin thereby softening the texture of the skin and also moisturizing it. One of the best home remedies for treating acne scars is to ensure that one is consuming plenty of fresh fruits as they provide the skin with vitamin C which helps in the building of collagen. Along with eating fruits one should also smear some fresh fruits on ones face so as to obtain a mild acid exfoliation. In order to do so at home, one needs to simply prepare a puree of a cup of chopped pineapple pieces and then apply this puree onto ones face. This puree should be left on the skin for around fifteen minutes and then washed off with some cool water. This natural acne scar solution is known to be very effective because pineapples are known to contain ascorbic acid which will help in imparting a lightening effect on ones face and also help in fading of the acne scars.

However, over and above the natural treatments that are available for treating acne scars and even acne, one should keep in mind that the best type of treatment to promote repair of skin which is required while dealing with acne scarring is to drink plenty of fresh drinking water throughout the day. Water is required by ones skin to get rid of the toxins, to make the skin look supple and fuller and to also build some new skin cell. Drinking sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis is known to result in fresher and healthier skin. The key to treating acne scars successfully is to be consistent if one wants to get rid of the scars completely. One should be aware that typically the acne scars are formed over a number of weeks in the form of layer over layer and therefore treatment for the same could take some time, but should nevertheless be carried out.

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