I have a very large boil near my vaginal opening it hurts to move around, sit, stand, walk, lie down is almost blocking the hole and I find it hard to urinate as it is so big. I need some pain relief also what should i do? Please help

A boil near the vaginal area is mainly due to infection which is deep within the skin. Initially vaginal boils appear to be red and tender and later on they become firm and hard. Finally, the center of the abscess softens and forms pus. Vaginal boils cause a lot of discomfort. It causes a lot of problem especially while walking, standing or even sleeping. The boils even cause considerable pain while urinating. Doctors say you are more likely to develop a boil if you are suffering from diabetes or if your immune system is low. However all said and done there are certain remedies for vaginal boils. These remedies to get rid of a vaginal boil could be used without the concern of experiencing some major side effect.

Boils required to be treated immediately, if left untreated it could spread or become infected. Causes for vaginal boils include ingrown hair, plugged sweat glands that become infected, sexual intercourse and so on. Knowing the cause would help a great deal to get rid of a vaginal boil. One of the initial vaginal boils treatment options would require that you clean the boils with an antiseptic. This kills the bacteria's and also avoids the infection from spreading. Apply ice on the boil as this may provide some relief from pain, and also reduce the swelling. Remember however to do this only on the first three days and then use a hot and cold compress to the affected area. Avoid wearing any tight clothes like jeans and pants; use clothes that are loose and that will help the area breathe properly. After a bath direct some warm air, in the affected area as this will help dry out the boil. Ensure that the air is not hot. Make a mixture of turmeric and ginger powder and apply this to the affected pubic region. Cover it with some gauze and leave it for approximately thirty minutes. Repeat this everyday as it would help you get rid of the vaginal boil.

Never touch any other part of your body if you have touched the boil as the infection could spread to the other areas. Visit a gynecologist as they would be able to give you an ointment that would help you get rid of the vaginal boil quickly. Home remedies for vaginal boils provided are to ensure you get some relief, but if the problem still persists you would need to visit the gynecologist as soon as possible. Boils are known to be contagious and hence if left untreated could lead to complications. Do not burst the boil on your own but use the above mentioned cures for vaginal boils to help eliminate the boil.

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