Can Diabetes Cause Vaginal Dryness?

by Garreth Myers

The vagina is a part of the female reproductive system. It is the part that is directly open to the outside of the body. During sexual intercourse, it is the vagina that receives the male penis. The vagina is always lubricated with a substance that is released from the walls of the vagina and a gland within the vagina. During sexual arousal, the production of vaginal lubrication increases rapidly resulting in a perceptible dampness or wetness in the area. This reaction of the woman’s body to arousal indicates that her body is ready to receive the penis. Vaginal lubrication helps with the process of intercourse, allowing for easy movement of the penis within the woman’s body.

Vaginal dryness is a condition where the natural lubrication of the vagina is inadequate. This can be caused by fear or nervousness before intercourse. It also occurs when the woman is not aroused during the sex act. There are hormonal conditions that might cause vaginal dryness as well. Vaginal dryness during sex is extremely painful for the woman. This is because there is no fluid to facilitate the friction between the penis and the vagina. While this may not affect the male, it can cause pain and damage to the female’s body. Bleeding is a common result of intercourse when there is insufficient lubrication. Artificial lubricants are often used in this case to help augment the insufficient supply of lubrication within the vagina. Vaginal dryness may extend to normal life as well. The normal amount of lubrication may also not be present. This can cause irritation and itching in the vagina. Often, the fluid in the vagina helps to trap and remove infections which may be seen in the form of a discharge from the vagina. This immunity may be compromised if the vagina is dry as well.

diabetes can cause vaginal dryness as well. Diabetes is a condition in which there is excess sugar in the blood because sugar is not properly absorbed by the body due to some form of insulin resistance or deficiency. A diabetic individual also suffers from poor blood circulation. Diabetes has been known to affect the sensitivity of an individual as well. And finally, diabetes also affects the mood of the individual, often causing tiredness and lack of energy. All these conditions may affect the sexual response of the woman. It is therefore important to spend more time during arousal or to use artificial lubrication.

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