Home Remedies To Remove Water From Ears After Swimming Or Showering

The ear is made in such a way that it keeps away all kinds of germs and bacteria from entering into the inner part. There is a slight constriction where the ear canal leads into the ear drum. It is here that water may usually get trapped. Over the years, when you continue to clean your ears using cotton swabs, there is substantial wax build up which causes the further constriction of the ear canal and therefore, greater likelihood of water getting trapped into it.

The best remedy for water in ear is to leave it till it comes out on its own. However, if the water is left in the ear and does not come out on its own, there is a great chance that an infection might begin to build up.

To make the water come out naturally from the ear, you can simply allow the air to move around the water and push it out by simply tilting your head in a position where the water can be drained easily. The slight shift in the position of the jaw can also help remove fluid from the ear comfortably.

Normally, it is believed that tilting your head sideways is the simplest remedy to remove water ear. An angle of about 45 to 60 degrees should usually be enough to allow water to run out from the ears. This is usually very simple to do when there is a lot of swimming water in ear. However, for smaller amounts of water, it is important to have a better designed procedure.

Getting water into your ear is not always a dangerous thing. It might be a little painful and you may sometimes feel a small pressure on the ear. However, except for that, there is not much discomfort that you should feel. Yet, in winters, water in ear can freeze up causing not only discomfort but also infection, and therefore, the water should be removed as quickly as possible.

Another remedy for water in ear is drying using a hair dryer. Instead of trying to physically remove fluid from ear, this way you can simply dry it out. As a medical treatment for water in ear, the doctor too would try to remove the fluid from the ear through heating or physically manipulating your jaw.

While you are using a hair dryer, make sure that you keep the setting at a very low temperature. The action of chewing gum is also known to be an effective remedy for water in ear.

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The main reason why water gets trapped in your ears is possibly due to the slight constriction of the ear canal leading to the ear drum. The buildup of wax over the years and the frequent use of cotton swabs in cleaning the ears, are probably the reasons for the ear wax being pushed deeper into the canal thus constricting it.

Ideally, it is best to allow gravity to work on the ear and get rid of the water. However, it is important to note that gravity is not always able to naturally work on the ear at all times. However, this can be addressed by a slight adjustment. The air can be allowed to move around the trapped water and drain by a slight shift in the position of the jaw. Normally, tilting your head sideways is believed to be the best way to facilitate shifting the position of the jaw.

It is a myth that the ear needs to be in line with a level surface to ensure a greater force of gravity. It would probably be necessary with a larger amount of water, as the weight pulls the water to drain itself. In the case of a lesser amount of water, the situation could prove itself be a bit more complicated.

You may have to tilt your head from an angle of about forty five degrees to sixty degrees. By doing so, you are facilitating a procedure that leads the trapped water to being tilted on one end where the water is present, thus creating a weaker area of surface tension on the other. Consequently, this would disrupt the tension of the water present in the ear, thus allowing the water to drain naturally. Most people get water in their ears, due to a number of reasons and it is a fact that getting water in the ears is not generally harmful but more of a minor irritant creating mental and physical discomfort. Do bear in mind though, that if its winter and you walk out in the open with water in your ear, it could lead to serious complications.

You can also use a hair dryer to obtain relief from the water logged in the ears. The use of a hair dryer, kept on a low setting, will help in evaporating any water trapped in the ear canal. Another effective option is to try chewing gum. The action of chewing the gum enables the pressure of air from the middle ear to push out the water plug, thus draining it naturally.

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Here are some home remedies for swimmers ear

When your ears start aching, squeeze a clove of garlic into a little bit of olive oil and apply a few drops to your ears. There's a good chance this will kill the germs before they have time to cause a full-blown infection. This the best remedy to cure Swimmer's Ear.

Use the warm (never hot!) setting of your hair dryer and place it about an arm's length from the ear and slowly move it back and forth. Test it on your wrist after it has been running a while before using it on the ear. The warm air will evaporate any trapped water.

Another way to help kill germs in the ear is with a few drops of white vinegar mixed half-and-half with rubbing alcohol. Put the drops in your ears, then tilt your head to let the fluid run out. This ran be very helpful, but the rubbing alcohol may be painful if your ears are irritated. An alternative is to mix the vinegar with a few drops of water.

Rubbing alcohol not only kills germs but causes water trapped in the ear to evaporate.

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