Get Rid of Clogged Ears: While washing my ear, water got into one of my ears as I was rinsing the shampoo out. Now I barley hear out of both ears. What should I use to unclog my ears?

Water in the ears is a common problem. However this does not mean that this is not a problem to be taken seriously. When the water gets into our ear it actually enters the inner ear. This is a narrow passage and the water is trapped here. The ear wax prevents the water from coming out the ear. Inside the ear it is dark, warm and moist. This is the perfect place for various bacteria to flourish and these can cause you various problems.

You should take immediate steps to get the water out of your ear since if you don't do this, it could lead to a variety of infections in the ear. These can also affect your hearing and cause you enormous amount of pain. You can try some simple steps to get the water out and improve your hearing. You can place a towel in the microwave and heat it in there. Then you can use this to give your painful ears some relief. Hold the warmed towels against your ears. If you don't want to use a microwave to do this, you can simply heat up a pan and heat your towel on this. Use the heated towel repeatedly on your ears.

Dropping small amounts of warm oil into the ear is another remedy that you can try. You can use warmed baby oil in your ear. You should lie down while put in the oil into your ear. This will ensure that the oil goes all the way into your ear canal. You can use some clean cotton plugs to ensure that the oil does not run out of your ears. You can also make a mix of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Take equal parts of both these liquids and drop these into both your ears.

If you are reluctant to try these drops in your ear, you can try a simple remedy. Use your hair drier and hold it against your ears. This will help evaporate the water collected inside your ears. You can also turn your head and shake your head repeatedly to get the water trapped in your ear to drain out.

However if you find that even after using these remedies the water does not drain out of your ears you should consult your doctor. If you notice other symptoms like dizziness or pain in your ears, you should consult your doctor at the very earliest.

answered by M W

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