My back and side have been hurting for a few days. Yesterday I started to hurt when I urinate. Tonight when I wiped I noticed that my rectum was bleeding. Could these problems be connected?

Depending upon where the back pain is located, your back, side and urination pain may be related. You may have a kidney stone or kidney infection. It depends upon your other symptoms. If your rectum is bleeding, the most common causes are hemorrhoids or fissures --and it is not as likely to be related to urination or kidneys. However, there are some conditions which, in later stages, can involve a variety of organ systems. Please seek the advice of a trained health care practitioner who can take a good history and perform the appropriate tests in order to determine the potential cause(s) for your symptoms.

answered by Dr K B N

Yes, my advice is to call your doctor. This is something that could be very serious

answered by V

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