I use to get my menstruation period for 4 days now I am getting for almost 2 weeks is that normal? I have also noticed that its a light bleeding is that a discharge or just light bleeding?

The phenomenon you have described is certainly not normal by any stretch of imagination. A period of bleeding for two weeks while menstruating can actually be a sign of something totally different. It could be that you are suffering from something that does not allow blood to co agulate properly and sufficiently. If this should be the case, you should know that you could be seriously ill. The body needs for the blood to co agulate. Generally, this is also known as clotting. If the blood does not clot, a person can simply keep bleeding. The bleeding may be slow and steady, but it rarely lets up or even slows down.

Most of the time, if there is such a sudden or dramatic change in your menstrual cycle, then there has to be a reason for it as well. The first order of the day for you is to isolate the reason you have suddenly begun to bleed like this. For this, it is absolutely essential that you approach a qualified obstetrician gynecologist and get yourself thoroughly and well checked out from all angles and directions. This will allow a proper diagnosis to be made. Subsequently, a proper course of treatment can also be followed in accordance with the medical diagnosis. Sometimes, the reasons are quite simple. It could be that you have experienced a sudden and drastic change of some sort. This can actually throw your menstrual cycle off stride quite easily and quickly. This is particularly true if you have added a new medicine or subtracted an old one from your regular daily routine. Check this off your list before you make any other change. Emotional upheaval can also make a change of this magnitude in your menstrual cycle. So can hormonal changes that have been caused due to a change in lifestyle, eating habits, exercise routines, sexual habits and a vast variety of other reasons. For your period to regularize, the best thing you can do is to start following a routine of proper diet and exercise. Eat five well balanced and small meals a day. this will make the biggest difference of all to your general health and well being as well as regularizing your body and all its systems. Make it a point to exercise every single day. Try not to miss even a day, and you will the magnitude of difference it makes to your general health as well.

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