i have recently developed back problems but also have a feeling like im carrying an extra load in stomach i feel like i have to urinate but i don

Your feeling of carrying weight in the stomach, accompanied by backache might be attributed to weight gain, especially around the abdomen. Pain surrounds the middle of the back or much lower than that.

Sedentary activity, improper eating habits and emotional stress increases the risk of back pain. Cervical and lumbar spondylosis is a common problem, encountered by many individuals. Different vertebrae stick to each other, thereby reducing the flexibility. It is a degenerative disorder.

Incorrect posture, wearing improper sandals, poorly fitting shoes, strain in the joints and lack of exercise are typical causes of a back pain. Tight jeans and high heeled sandals are notorious in resulting in a backache. Sitting for long hours, devoid of movement or exercise also proves harmful.

Juice of a cut lemon with salt is an effective remedy. Supplements of ascorbic acid and calcium are effective. Topical application of garlic oil is an effective remedy. Consumption of raw garlic is also equally helpful.

Frequent urination with back ache is due to infection in the urinary tract. Visit your physician for further guidance on getting rid of your backache. A physiotherapist is also helpful.

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