Itchy Foot Causes: I am 22 Years Old and My Lower Portion Of The Foot Is Horribly Itching. Suggest Some Remedies?

The feet play a very important role in our lives more so because of the mobility factor. It would therefore be very distressing and uncomfortable when dealing with an injured and even an itchy foot as it could bring a halt to a host of other activities. Moreover, when the soles seem to itch incessantly, they can almost completely take over your concentration - making you rather irritable as well as unproductive. However, as with any other medical condition, it is important to understand the root cause of the condition in order to be able to treat it more effectively. Some of the more common causes of itchy soles of the feet include being triggered by an abrasion sustained from one of your shoes while it can also easily be caused by poorly fitting socks. The intense itching could also easily be caused by a buildup of very tiny and small particles of dirt in the foot - causing the reaction. The skin condition, eczema, is also widely known to be one of the most common causes of an itchy sole. Whatever be the cause of the condition, it is important to treat it as soon and as effectively as possible. Allowing the infection to remain could lead to unnecessary scratching from the individual thus making the condition even worse. This could also lead to an inflammation or an abscess. Eczema on feet is a very common condition and is known to affect as much as about 4% of the entire population in some form or the other.

When attempting to treat the reaction, you can use a variety of gels and creams that are readily available at your local medical store. Choose lotions that list vitamins A and E as a major constituent as they help soothe the skin and prevent inflammation substantially. One of the best and most effective home remedies will be to take one half cup of baking soda and add it to a couple of cups of finely ground oatmeal before the combination is ground together with a coffee grinder. Fish oil is also considered to be very effective when dealing with the condition because of the effects it has on the excess prostaglandins. tea tree oil is considered to be probably the best treatment option and should be used by applying it over a cotton pad that should be placed in the insoles of your shoes throughout the day.

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