Effective remedies for itchy foot allergy

If you are taking medication of any kind for this particular problem that you have described, then you need to evaluate the effect of the same. The first thing you need to see is how long it is taking to show effects. If you have been on medication for more than a month and there is no change, then you should completely stop taking all medication. It is possible that you are suffering from some sort of an infection that is showing up in these symptoms. You can try out methods at home that will help to reduce these symptoms. To begin with, try to massage your foot with tea tree oil, especially in the areas where the dryness and itching is at a maximum. You must dilute the oil - use a dilution of one part of tea tree oil and four parts of castor oil. This will ensure that your skin does not react aversely to the oil. Tea tree oil is an extremely strong anti fungal as well as anti bacterial product. For most part, it will ensure that your infection is taken care of within a few days. Try to apply tea tree oil at night before going to bed. Wear thick socks to bed after applying the oil, so that it does not spread and you get the most out of each application.

In the morning, you should try to ensure that you are not leaving your skin dry. After a bath, apply a deep moisturizer to your skin for best results. If possible, follow an evening routine as well. Wash your feet thoroughly and dry them. Then apply olive oil to your feet. This will not only help to heal your feet, it will also help to keep them well hydrated and moisturized. You should always remember top cover your feet after applying anything. Use thick cotton socks. Do not use any synthetic material or allow it to come in direct contact with your skin. Synthetic materials will only serve to worsen your skin allergies or any other skin condition you may be troubled with. The reason for this is that they are mostly opaque in nature and will not allow too much circulation of air to your skin. While you are troubled with the skin ailment, you should also try your best to keep your feet as free as possible. Avoid confining foot wear, and opt for open toed shoes or slippers instead.

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