Cure for constipation after diarrhea

Constipation is an exceedingly common disorder that we are all too familiar with. The condition is not very serious or a major cause for concern but severe or chronic and recurring constipation should get you worried. Under normal circumstances constipation will do nothing more than cause some discomfort. This is basically a digestive disorder wherein food is not digested efficiently leading to problems in passage of stools. Constipation includes any such difficulty in the passage of stools and can cause other symptoms like bloating, abdominal cramps and pain.

The problem in your particular situation is most likely one that stems from misuse of laxatives or diarrhea medications. Frequent reliance on medications for either condition can cause severe long term repercussions and is also damaging in the short term. Treating diarrhea with medications may result in severe constipation and vice versa. I’d assume this to be the case with you. Poor dietary habits and an unhealthy lifestyle can also such digestive imbalances and inconsistencies. The condition of constipation is more prevalent in developed areas and this is because the primary cause is dietary, while the sedentary lifestyle would be next. Diets deficient in fiber and with a lot of refined, synthetic, fatty, oily and spicy foods causes constipation. Other factors like irregular routines, sleep deprivation, depression, stress and a lack of physical activity also contribute to the problem. The only effective long term solution to constipation is to make the appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes. Without this, recurrent and chronic or severe constipation can lead to a lot more complications like piles, anal fissures, fecal impaction and worse.

Conventional treatment for constipation is with pharmaceutical laxatives. Reliance on laxatives for constipation is not just an unhealthy habit, but is downright dangerous. Long term or prolonged usage of laxatives can create a dependence or reliance on them causing what is known as ‘lazy colon syndrome’. Natural methods of treatment through natural remedies and lifestyle or diet modifications can help a lot more efficiently. Here are some natural remedies for constipation:

  • Make sure that you drink enough water as dehydration can lead to or worsen constipation.
  • Fresh guavas if eaten with the seeds can help with mild constipation as it provides roughage the passage of stools.
  • The bael fruit works like a natural laxative, facilitating the passage of stools.
  • Fresh lady finger that is not over cooked or fried, when eaten, works like a natural lubricant for bowel movements. This is an extremely effective treatment.
  • A mixture of milk and almond oil consumed at night can also help treat constipation.
  • Fresh figs can be washed and allowed to soak in water overnight, after which you should consume both the fruits and fluid the following morning. Fruits like prunes and dates also work as natural laxatives.

In addition to any natural remedies however it is important to keep in mind that only dietary and lifestyle modifications can offer a lasting solution. Increase your dietary intake of fiber and cut down on refined foods. A regular routine for eating and defecation can help, as does regular physical activity.

answered by S D

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