November 27, 2008

Natural Treatment For Curing Diarrhea In Babies

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Infant diarrhea remedy is essential for every parent to register in their minds. This knowledge may become useful at any point of time. Diarrhea in children less than 3 years old is alarming since kids get dehydrated quickly. The symptoms of infant diarrhea are frequent watery stools, abdominal cramps, irritation, weakness in the body, loss of appetite and vomiting. In severe case of infant diarrhea, it may the child may also pass pus or blood in the stools. The causes of infant diarrhea are usually infection, bacteria, viral gastroenteritis, etc.

Natural Treatments

In the event of infant diarrhea it is imperative that you take the child to a pediatrician and identify the severity of the diarrhea. In case of a mild diarrhea, the child can be cured by giving Oral Rehydration Solution ORS. ORS can be made at home by taking a glass of clean and purified water in which a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar is mixed to form a clear solution. If the child is feeding on breast milk, the mother should continue giving breast milk. This will keep the child hydrated.

Infants who take solid diets can be fed with a mixture of carrot and banana. This infant diarrhea remedy is fast and easy to prepare. Also, soups and water mixed with sugar and salt should be given to little older kids.

If an infant suffers from diarrhea due to teething, the parents should massage the children’s gums with clean fingers. This soothes the child and makes him/her relax. Another infant diarrhea remedy for teething is to get a clean and cold teething toy made from organic substances.

The diet to be given during infant diarrhea should include fruits like banana, rice, cereals, toast, yogurt and apple juice. All of these help to bind up the stools. It is normal if the child takes up to 3 days to return to normalcy. The food items that should be strictly avoided in infant diarrhea are all dairy and milk products, fiber-rich foods, fruits like peaches, plums, apricots, etc. Along with this infant diarrhea remedy, also make it a point to give the child small meals throughout the day. Little intake of food at one time aids the digestive system by putting less pressure on it.

Gripe water is another infant diarrhea remedy. Make sure that the gripe water is a certified organic one so that there are no negative effects on the child. Apart from this a mixture made from ginger and fennel seeds is an infant diarrhea remedy for comparatively grown up kids.

All these pointers are important to cope with infant diarrhea. The basic rule of an infant diarrhea remedy is to keep the child hydrated through either breast milk or formula food.