Advice on thinning hair treatment

Thinning of the hair and its subsequent hair loss can be a very alarming condition mainly because of the aesthetic effect it will have on the individual’s looks. Hair loss does not cause any medical problems, but is known to cause a substantial amount of emotional distress, especially when it happens to someone that is still a teenager or young adult. There are a number of factors that influence hair loss. There are a number of hair care products available in the market that contains a number of chemical properties that could damage the hair cells. Some people excessively use heat inducing appliances such as hair dryers and blow dryers, but this can be harmful as well as because of the amount of heat it exposes your hair to. Some cases of hair loss will be nothing more than hereditary where the condition is passed down from one generation to another within the same blood line. Some of the other causing factors include excessive amounts of stress, poor blood circulation as well as an unclean scalp. The reason stress can be such a prominent factor in the loss of hair is because any stressed skin cells will tend to suffocate the hair follicle – thereby preventing the hair from receiving the required amount of nutrition which will ultimately result in its death.

Any treatment options would be first concentrated in repairing the hair cells from any repeated damage that it has experienced. This can be easily accomplished by heating some amount of coconut oil and massaging it thoroughly into your scalp and hair. When done, wrap a heated towel over your head and wait for a couple of hours. The heat emitted from the towel will activate the healing properties of the oil – thereby repairing any damaged hair cells. You should then proceed to wash your hair with water at normal temperature. Perform this treatment for a couple of weeks for best results. Another option would be to boil one cup of mustard oil with about four tablespoons of henna leaves and filter and store it in a bottle. Massage the lotion into the bald patches on a regular basis in order to stimulate hair growth. Another effective treatment option would be to create a mixture of honey and egg yolk that should be massaged into the scalp and hair before being left on for about ½ an hour and subsequently being washed off.

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