I am 22 female I am married before I got viral fever from that moment I hair is falling after change of home it became more and my hair became so thinner please I want to protect my hair I require home treatment

Hair loss is a condition called alopecia. This can also happen in women but in men, it is almost a certainty. There are a few reasons for hair loss and the kind of hair loss that you are experiencing also has to be investigated. The first thing that you need to do is to soak your scalp in warm water and then run your hand through your hair. Some strands of hair will come out and you need to analyze this hair. At the end of the hair you might see a white substance. This is the sebaceous gland of the hair and if this has come loose then you are probably facing female pattern balding. If the hair on the other hand looks more like it has broken, your problem lies in weak hair. Since you did mention that you changed locations, the composition of the water that you use could have caused the condition. Hair is normally slightly acidic in nature and hard water or alkaline water breaks down the acid leaving your hair unprotected and prone to damage and breaking. If this is the case, just squeeze a lemon into a bucket full of water and use that water only to wash your hair.

Female pattern balding is connected to the amount of testosterone in the body. Yes, women do secrete testosterone and androgens as well and it is vital to the growth of hair as also in boosting the sex drive in an individual. When there is too much androgen in your blood, it can cause your hair to fall out. You can however be reassured of the fact that you will never actually face a receding hair line and your hair loss will never become as bad as male pattern balding. However to treat your hair and keep it in good condition you could  use the following remedies.

The first step is to change the shampoo you are using to one that contains ketoconazole. This is popularly used in anti-dandruff treatments. After soaking your hair, always rinse it in cold water so that the cuticles close. Finally, to cancel out the effect of excess testosterone, eat more almonds, flax seed, and also indulge in beer sometimes. All these contain phtyoestrogens or plant estrogens that can cancel out the effects of testosterone and other androgens in your body. Also take vitamin B complex supplements for biotin that can prevent hair breakage.

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