I would like to know if pure honey is good for an open ulcer on the leg, Any other information?

Ulcers are caused due to a reduced supply of blood to the skin. The reduced blood supply to the skin results in poor circulation and the formation of ulcers is generally associated with disorders like diabetes rheumoid arthritis and hypertension; therefore it would be advisable to consult your doctor to check for these disorders as well. The infection on an open ulcer on the leg can also get a lot worse due to the infection of secondary bacteria or other viral infections. Ulcers can also be caused due to a deficient immune system or lowered resistance during sickness. However these are rare cause of open ulcers.  

A time tested treatment for ulcers on the leg has been the use of a compression bandage. This is helpful because it assists the ulcer on the leg in dealing with the pressure of fluids in the lower levels of the body also known as hydrostatic pressure. A second remedy to treat ulcers is prompt and regular exercise or weight loss if you are obese. The overall treatment of the ulcer depends a great deal on how the ulcer was originally caused or factors that may affect healing thus, along with preventive measures it is also advisable to look at the root cause of the ulcer when treating it. Preventive measure would include cleaning of the wound, application of bandages and inflammatory treatment. The use of pure honey to treat leg ulcers is not unheard of. Honey has a number of antibacterial agents and has been known as remedy to treat open ulcers but there no medical evidence to support this.

Apart from the above mentioned solutions you can also try these tips to help with the healing of the ulcer. Avoid sitting cross legged as it impairs blood circulation. Lower the amount of fat in your food and consume more fruit and vegetables. Whenever you sit try to do so with your legs raised (preferably) above heart level. This reduces the pressure of circulation on your legs and aids the healing process. As long as the ulcer is not caused due to an arterial disease the ulcer will benefit a great deal from lifting your legs as much as possible and the use of compression dressings. The best solution is to keep the ulcer clean and consult your doctor regarding the treatment of the same because the ulcer can become infected and cause further complications.

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