Is it true that honey can cure ulcer. Kindly advice.

Ulcers are lesions found on the skin, eyes or on membranes that can develop into open sores and are caused by inflammations, abrasions or ischemia. You could be suffering from stomach ulcers of mouth ulcers, which are the most common complaints. Stomach ulcers, caused by excessive and imbalanced consumption of processed, spicy and fried foods, alcohol and nicotine as well as undue stress lead to indigestion and nausea accompanied by stomach ache. Mouth ulcers on the other hand, are characterized by a difficulty in speaking, eating and swallowing, excessive production of saliva in the mouth, bad breath, inflammation of the throat and tonsils accompanied by fever. Usually found between the teeth and gums, they are caused by allergies to certain foods, consumption of incorrect foods, nutritional deficiencies (B12, folic acid, iron etc), viral infections, bowel disorders, incorrect dental routine, stress etc.

There are several simple home remedies for ulcers, which include daily consumption of a spoonful of honey. The antibacterial and healing properties of honey attack the bacteria in the stomach and hasten the healing process of the membranes affected by the ulcers. For mouth ulcers, you can apply a paste prepared with honey and 1 tsp of the powdered root bark of the Indian Gooseberry plant. This will soothe the pain from the ulcer and help the healing process. 1 tsp of honey had before every meal not only helps to treat the ulcers but is also a good way to prevent ulcers in the future. Similarly olive oil works miracles on ulcers and you should consume 2 tsp of olive oil on an empty stomach every morning. Bananas are excellent for all kinds of ulcers and thus you should eat a green banana twice daily until your ulcers have been treated successfully. Drinking cabbage juice daily for 4 to 5 days is beneficial for treating ulcers. Similarly strained potato juice works miracles for painful ulcers and you should have that first thing in the morning. You should also improve your diet and consume a lot of yoghurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese and food rich in fiber and citrus. Avoid fried, spicy and processed foods, coffee and tobacco. If you have a mouth ulcer you should avoid chewing gums and lozenges since they can aggravate the pain and worsen the condition. Consume plenty of onion since the sulfur in the onion helps to treat the ulcers. Other treatments include drinking a concoction prepared by brewing fresh fenugreek leaves in water and chewing fresh basil leaves. Apart from this you can also gargle with 1 glass of water which has been boiled with 1 tsp of coriander seeds and strained.

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