Please advice a natural remedy to relieve stomach ulcers?

Since stomach ulcers find their origins in the erosion of the soft stomach lining, you can easily employ methods to ensure you do not let this happen. To begin with, you will have to make certain dietary changes that will not allow the stomach lining to get irritated enough to give you ulcers to begin with. The first order of the day is to cut out all kinds of spicy, fried, junk and processed foods from your diet. And the operative words here are cut out, not reduce. Although this is a drastic change, it is necessary if you wish to tackle your ulcers in a positive way. All the kinds of food mentioned above will work towards eroding the stomach lining further and will encourage your ulcers to live on and expand even. In particular, all canned and processed foods should be avoided, since you have no way of knowing what all kinds of chemicals are making their way into your system via these kinds of foods. You should also completely eliminate alcohol from your diet, as this will only serve to aggravate the burning sensation that typically accompanies ulcers. Smoking will also aggravate your condition, so it should be avoided completely. In fact, this would be a good time to start thinking about quitting altogether.

There are also some easy remedial measures you can take to care for your ulcers. The first is to have a glass of chilled milk frequently during the day. Put lots of ice cubes in this, so you end up having about half a glass at a time. The milk will coat your stomach lining and will cover your ulcers suitably enough so that they are not aggravated with anything you eat. It will help to reduce the sensitivity of your stomach as well. You can also chew on fresh mint leaves. These will also help to cool down your system to a large degree and provide comfort as well. You can also have buttermilk made with heavily diluted curds. Sip this intermittently during the day. It will help to provide relief. Another excellent home made remedy is to have over ripe bananas mashed into chilled fresh cream. This will also provide soothing comfort to your system. Keep in mind that these milk based solutions will end up working best to reduce and eventually remove your ulcers. But you must try all of these remedies for a week at least.

answered by G M

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