What is a natural remedy to relieve stomach ulcers?

There are many effective and good natural remedies you can employ to relieve discomfort due to stomach ulcers. But keep in mind that these would all have to accompanied with proper dietary restrictions in order for them to show proper results. Unless you are very strict with your diet, you will not be able to see any significant changes; on the contrary, your condition will only keep worsening. For instant relief from severe burning and stomach aches caused by ulcers, take a glass of lukewarm milk with two teaspoons of castor oil added to it. Milk always works to soothe the irritated lining of your stomach. Castor oil will provide relief from the burning. Since milk is such an excellent soothing agent, you would do well to have plenty of it. It is preferable to have it chilled or cooled, since this will also reduce the burning. You would only have to have it lukewarm with castor oil because otherwise, the oil may solidify and the purpose of consuming it will be totally defeated. Another excellent and instant relief method is to make a milk shake which has plenty of bananas, chilled milk and chilled fresh cream. This will soothe your stomach almost at once and will also help towards a proper cure for your problem. Add a pinch of turmeric powder to this milk shake and you will see yourself healing faster too.

Make it a rule to drink at least eight liters of water every day. This is very useful in flushing out excessive toxins from your system. An excellent tonic to get rid of ulcers is a mixture of cabbage and carrot juice. Have a tall glassful, unstrained preferably. This should help to heal your ulcers. The seeds of the fenugreek plant or its leaves are useful in getting rid of ulcers. The best way to have them would be to soak a tablespoon of seeds in a glass of water overnight and drink it the next morning. You can buy both leaves as well as seeds at an Indian grocery store quite easily and cheaply. The vernacular name for fenugreek is methi. If you cannot find fresh leaves or seeds of fenugreek, you can also take it in pill form. This will work slower, but will always show results. You will have to stop eating fried and spicy food, alcohol, carbonated and caffeinated drinks and citrus fruits. All of these will give you acidity and aggravate your ulcers as well.

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