How do you stop itching due to fiberglass installation?

There are several ways you can stop itching due to any and all reasons. But if you have fiberglass installed somewhere and that is bothering you by causing itching, then your best bet is to move as far away from that place and the fiberglass as possible. However, if this is not possible, then you can try some tried and tested remedies to take care of any itching. The first thing you should do is try to sanitize your skin. Add a cup full of vinegar to your bath water and proceed to have a lukewarm and soap free bath with this. This will help to sanitize your skin and not attract any further itching to begin with. You should try and use organic vinegar. If you do not have access to this product, you can replace it with lime juice as well. Once this process is complete, the next step is to apply natural products that will stop the itching. These would start with applying fresh and unflavored yogurt to your skin. Apply and leave this on for a while for best results. This will not only cleanse the surface of your skin, it will also help to keep the moisturization within.

When faced with continuous and annoying itching, you can also try to use products that will cool down the surface temperature of your skin. This will also automatically stop the itching - or reduce it, in the very least. Try to apply calamine lotion for good results. This will help to cool down the skin as well as heal any minor infection that has taken root on the surface of the skin. An excellent alternative to calamine lotion is also calendula lotion. This will also help to cool as well as heal your skin. In fact, calendula has amazing healing properties and will work well to rid you of your problem quickly. You can also try to improve upon your immunity. This will also go a long way towards not only getting rid of the itching, but also will help you to not get this way in the future. For this, you can take a daily dosage of Indian gooseberry. This is easily available in food stores that also keep and sell natural and organic stuff. You can also take a daily dose of Echinacea. This will also work in the same way as the gooseberry would. These methods when used regularly should help you out.

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