Body Rash

Body rash is also known as dermatitis. It results in redness or irritation of the skin. Rashes may trigger itching, dryness and scaling of the skin. They may appear as bumps or blisters in a localized area of the skin. Most people experience some type of body rash at some point in their lives. Body rash is usually a mild condition and not really a cause for concern. However if it is accompanied by symptoms such as fever or muscle aches, it may be indicative of a serious illness. Hives or urticaria is a serious condition caused by an allergic reaction. This may require immediate medical care. Hives appear as reddish lumps on the skin and occur when the body releases histamine. This occurs when there is exposure to an allergen such as insect stings, certain foods and certain medications. Some of the most common types of body rashes are as follows:

  • Atopic dermatitis or eczema tends to develop in children. It leads to dryness and bumpy areas on the skin especially around the knees and elbows.
  • Allergic contact dermatitis occurs when there is exposure to an allergen. It leads to redness, itching and scaling in the area of contact. Some people develop this rash when they wear nickel jewelry. Touching poison ivy can also result in allergic contact dermatitis.
  • Irritant contact dermatitis develops when your skin comes in contact with substances such as chemicals, soaps and perfumes. It may lead to swelling and itching.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis leads to redness, scaling and dryness of the scalp, facial area and ears.
  • Psoriasis is a scaly skin eruption that mainly occurs on the scalp, knees and elbows.

Remedies for Body Rash

The treatment for any kind of body rash depends on the cause. There are some anti-histamine pills and syrups that help to alleviate pain, itching and other symptoms of a rash. If you are unsure about the cause of the rash however, it would be best to consult your doctor. Rashes in children, when accompanied by symptoms such as drowsiness, stiffness in the neck and fever should be examined by a doctor. Here are some common home remedies for skin rashes:

  • Wash the affected area with chamomile tea to relieve itching and inflammation.
  • One of the best home remedies for itching is olive oil. Apply a small amount of olive oil directly to the affected area. This will penetrate into the skin and help in healing.
  • Aloe vera gel is one of the best natural cures for skin rashes. The efficacy of aloe extracts has been supported by various studies, and it can help soothe a variety of inflammatory skin conditions.
  • You can also apply vitamin E oil to skin rash. Cut open a vitamin E capsule, extract the oil and apply it over the affected area.
  • Many studies show that an oatmeal bath for rashes is one of the best ways to alleviate body rash. Add one cup of raw oatmeal to your bathwater and soak in it for some time. This helps to stop itching and also restricts the rash from spreading.
  • A beneficial herbal skin rash treatment is a poultice made with the herbs dandelion, yellow dock root and chaparral.
  • To reduce itching and pain arising from a rash, soak a clean cloth in a solution of comfrey and water and place it over the affected skin. This helps to soothe inflammation.
  • The best way to protect the body against infections and skin rashes is to consume plenty vitamin C. It works as an antioxidant and promotes quick healing of the rash.
  • Try to identify the allergens that can cause a skin reaction and take the necessary steps to avoid exposure to them.
  • Refrain from rubbing a skin rash as it can spread or worsen. If you feel the need to itch, instead take a cotton swab and gently dab at the area.
  • Avoid using chemical based soaps on the affected skin. Use herbal cleansers instead.
  • Use sunscreen on your skin when going out as heat can worsen a skin rash. A cool shower when you get back should offer some relief, but this may depend on the kind of rash, as certain skin conditions respond better to warm water soaks.
  • Avoid bathing excessively as it can cause skin dryness and result in flaking and scaling.
  • Use a gentle moisturizer on your skin to keep it soft and protect it from dryness.
  • Rub a few drops of almond oil on the affected area to moisturize the skin and stop itching, provided the rash is caused by dryness of the skin.
  • Try to manage stress effectively as it can affect immunity and make the body vulnerable to rashes and other health problems.

Symptoms of Body Rash

The most common symptoms of body rash includes:

  • Itching
  • Small bumps on the skin
  • Burning
  • Stinging
  • Inflammation
  • Dryness
  • Scaling
  • Blistering
  • Pus filled lesions
  • Pinkish rings on the skin
  • Fever

Causes of Body Rash

There can be various causes of body rash. Some common causes include:

  • Causes for body rash include viral infections such as measles, rubella, chickenpox and warts. Chickenpox is a common rash that occurs in childhood and leads to blisters. These blisters develop crusts as they heal. The infection may also be accompanied by symptoms such as itching, headache and fever.
  • Bacterial infections such as impetigo can also result in body rash. Meningococcal infection which causes meningitis is a more serious illness caused by bacteria. It may begin as tiny bumps on the skin that spread quickly and turn into bigger patches.
  • Scabies is a type of contagious infection caused by the scabies mite which burrows into the top layers of the skin especially between the fingers.
  • Ringworm is a fungal infection that causes a ring-shaped red patch to form on the skin. It causes intense itching and can also cause blistering and oozing.
  • Diaper rash which affects babies occurs due to infection by the yeast candida.
  • Other causes of body rash include insect bites, insect stings, chemicals, medications and allergies.

Diet for Body Rash

A body rash could have a variety of causes, and the appropriate diet would quite naturally depend on the underlying cause. When dealing with a wide range of rashes however, it would be best to follow a diet high in antioxidants and foods that nourish and rejuvenate the body. Dietary tips to promote healthy skin include

  • Balanced Diet: In addition to the meats and goodies that you find hard to avoid, include a good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits are the best source of nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants that are essential for the health of your skin. Moderate your intake of red meat and any fried and synthetic foods.
  • Juices: Vegetable juice such as spinach and cilantro juice is beneficial for boosting immunity and flushing out waste material from the body.
  • Cereal Grasses: Wheat grass and barley grass are great for cleansing your system and energizing the body.
  • Fiber: Consuming foods rich in fiber help to regulate bowel movements and thus help to get rid of wastes from the body. Fiber also plays an important role in the absorption of other nutrients.

Suggestion for Body Rash

Certain rashes may be indicative of serious underlying medical conditions such as arthritis and lupus. Therefore persistent or spreading rashes should never be ignored.


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Natural Cure for Rash, or other skin problems
suggested by Richard on Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I started getting a rash when I come back from the gym for some reason. I put Tea Tree Oil, I had in stock, and it there was immediate relief, and the redness was almost 100% gone. I'm not sure why I keep getting the rashes, but this has been a GREAT remedy for me. Especially if you're into natural cures. It also helps to PREVENT (not cure) new Staph Infections if you have one.

corn starch
suggested by [unspecified] on Monday, October 22, 2007

apply corn starch wherever the rash is. i had a really bad rash and no medications were working. use corn starch like if it were baby powder

Rash on Back
suggested by [unspecified] on Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I had a rash on my back for 7 years. I cured it by changing from commercial liquid laundry soap to an evironmentally friendly brand. It was well worth the extra cost!

Baby Oil
suggested by [unspecified] on Friday, April 20, 2007

Applying baby oil on the affected area every night before you go to bed helps sooth away the rash.

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