March 25, 2008

Dandruff: When to see a Doctor

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Dandruff is quite common and most people get it at least once or twice during their lifetime. The most common type of dandruff is directly related to shedding dead skin cells from the scalp. Excessive shedding of this skin can cause noticeable dandruff. Using too many styling products, having an allergic reaction to shampoos or styling products, and simply not washing the scalp thoroughly during each wash also cause dandruff. However, there are some people that have severe dandruff that needs more attention than a simple medicated shampoo can provide. If you have dandruff and you have tried using shampoos such as Head and Shoulders or Neutrogena with no noticeable difference, then it may be time to see your doctor.

When do you know it is time to see your doctor?

It may be difficult for you to know when dandruff needs attention by your doctor. Washing your hair with medicated shampoos simply may not solve the problem. If you notice excessive itching or scaling and redness on the sides of your nose or on your eyebrows, this can also be related to severe cases of dandruff. In addition, it is a very uncommon for infants and young children to have bad cases of dandruff. If you notice itching and scaling on your child’s scalp, then it is most likely a treatable case of cradle cap. However, if it does not respond to combing and shampooing, then you may need to talk to your pediatrician about your child’s case.

If you decide to see your doctor for your dandruff then he or she may give you a prescription strength medicated shampoo that will work quickly and more effectively than those shampoos you buy at your local pharmacy. Steroid lotions are also commonly prescribed to people who have severe cases of dandruff.