I have itching in my private areas (woman) and can't seem to stop it. Would like to know what to do. Would diabetes cause the itch?

When you say you have itching in your private areas, do you mean that you have vaginal itching or does the entire area itch? Also, when you say that you can't seem to stop it, you have not said exactly what measures you have taken. It is therefore difficult to narrow down the possibilities. Diabetes however is unlikely to have anything to do with this problem.

The first thing you need to do is of course to ensure the strictest levels of hygiene. When you bathe, scrub yourself thoroughly, but gently, and in addition, try to wash the area a couple of times during the day, with plain water. Ensure that the soap you use is mild, so that there is no irritation. Even if you already use a mild soap, you should switch to a new product and see if there is any improvement. Sometimes such itching is only the result of sensitivity to chemicals in a particular product. Also ensure that whenever you use soap, you wash the soap of properly, as the residue can cause irritation to the skin. Hopefully, you already wear cotton underwear, but if you don't, you should switch immediately. Cotton is the least likely to irritate the skin itself, and in addition, does not cause you to sweat as much as most other fabrics. It also tends to absorb sweat, and yet dries quite quickly. As a result, your skin does not sweat much to begin with, and whatever sweat it does produce is allowed to evaporate in a short time, instead of collecting and keeping the skin constantly damp.

Excessive sweating and moisture could be one cause of itching, but on the other hand, dryness could cause the same problem. When skin is too dry, it starts to prickle and itch. If you think that this may be the case, simply ensure that you use a cream or lotion to moisturize the area soon after you bathe.

If all these measures do not work even after a couple of weeks, then you most probably have some sort of infection. In that case, it will be best for you to visit a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. fungal infections of vagina and of the groin area are quite common. Such infections are usually quite easily treated, but it is important to diagnose the problem correctly, and take the right treatment early on, so that the infection does not get out of hand.

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