After every 4 to 5 months for last 2 years I am getting itching at the anal part and starts paining (only at the beginning) while passing stool. I am 45 year old. After homeopathic consult it cure. Kindly advise to stop completely

An itchy private area can be extremely painful as well as socially embarrassing. If you experience anal itching, or itching in your private parts, it can cause a lot of discomfort and make you very cautious and aloof from people. If you have to excuse yourself often to scratch this itch, you will need to get yourself some anal itching remedies. Anal itching is caused when the delicate skin in the anal region gets irritated.

The skin right at the exit of the rectum, if not kept clean and hygienic, can react to the toxins in the stools. Due to this reaction with the chemicals and toxins found in the stools, the delicate skin in the anal region may get slightly inflamed. This inflammation causes the sensation of itching. Unfortunately, as the itching increases and you continue to scratch, the inflammation also increases and the urge to scratch also increases manifold.

When anal itching is very intense, it can cause the person to experience intense discomfort and even pain. There may be a feeling of intense burning as well as soreness due to the inflammation of the rectal opening. Since anal itch causes are usually associated to poor hygiene and contact with the toxins in the stool, anal itch cure is to keep the anal area clean and dry. Anal itch symptoms include an intense burning and itchy feeling in the anus. Pruritus ani treatment, also known as the treatment of itchy anal region, can be best done by keeping the anal area clean. Since anal itching symptoms are both embarrassing and uncomfortable, it is best to ensure that you prevent this from occurring in the first place. The causes of pruritus are chemical in nature. Though this is not exactly considered an allergy, anal itching can manifest symptoms close to allergies.

A lot of people may not initially know what is pruritus. Despite the constant itching and pain that is associated with this condition, a lot of people are not able to identify the condition. The causes of pruritus ani are usually related to the kinds of foods we eat. If we eat a lot of spicy foods like red chilies and pepper, it causes an intensification of the symptoms. You may experience more anal itching after eating spicy foods than when you have been eating relative bland foods.

The treatment for pruritus ani is often based on the causes of the condition. The causes of pruritus in elderly are often different than those in younger people. In the elderly, the toxins secreted by the body are usually more. Since the bodies of the elderly are not adept at processing foods in the manner that they were used to earlier, the chemicals released by their bodies are higher in concentration. Extended periods of sitting, due to joint stiffness or restriction in movements often contribute to the anal itching.

The causes of pruritus in pregnancy are also similar to those in elderly. During pregnancy, the hormones in the body multiply. The chemical upheaval in the body is often evident in the chemical composition of the stools. Along with this, in pregnancy, constipation and hemorrhoids are also very common. The force exerted to pass stools may cause fistulas, and eventually, these become itchy and painful.

The causes of pruritus vulvae are different than those of pruritus ani. The itching in the vulvar region is caused by microbes existing in the vulvar region. Yeast infections may also cause itching in this region. Keeping your private parts clean and dry is usually crucial in remedying this condition. One of the effective itchy private area remedies is to use unscented anti-microbial powder for your private regions. Wash the vulvar area every time you pass urine. It is also important to wipe yourself well after you have passed stools. This way, your private parts are always clean and you save yourself from unnecessary microbial growths, which may cause itching and burning.

If you are not able to understand what is pruritus itching, discuss it with your doctor. It is important to know exactly what you are dealing with. This is important because unless you know the exact cause of the itching and pain in your vulvar area, you will not be able to treat the condition completely.

Skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema may also be associated with the anal itching. If that is the cause of itching, you will need to get in touch with a skin specialist to get treatment for this underlying condition. Prevention of constipation can prevent you from getting anal fissures, which are also contributing factors to your anal itching. Get yourself tested for hemorrhoids, pinworms, skin tags in the anal opening, fissures, psoriasis, and any other skin irritations. If it is a microbial infection that is causing your symptoms, you will need to see a doctor and get antibiotics prescribed.

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many times medicated vasoline with some quinine mixed.Applied a couple times a day will cure it.

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