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How to be tall?

There are a number of companies and manufactured products that claim to have come up with a new formula or device that can help increase your height, but none of these claims are true and are in fact fraudulent. This may seem accusative or bold, but the fact is that there is absolutely no scientific evidence that backs up any such claims, and none of them are ready to stand analysis as their products do not stand up to scientific standards despite their claims.

According to all scientific research conducted till date, there almost no evidence whatsoever to suggest that such growth is possible at any time after puberty. I you are an adolescent or teenager there are still various options available to you. Bodily growth and metabolism is regulated by hormones and the Human Growth Hormone is responsible for regulating your height. It is important that you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly as this will help ensure that your body produces the optimal amount of this hormone.

Having a nutritious diet and exercising regularly will aid the natural processes of your body and so will help with the growth process as well. While exercising and eating a healthy diet are things that most people do notice, sleep is equally important and is usually taken for granted. Make sure that you follow a regular sleep schedule and get sufficient sleep as a sleep deficit can cause a fall in the amount of growth hormones that your body produces. There are various stretching exercises and Pilates that can help to increase your height. Pilates help to stretch your spine and strengthen the deep abdominal muscles, which leads to an increase in height. Make sure that you get guidance from a gym instructor or trainer before you begin any serious workouts as some exercise may hamper and affect some areas of growth in an undesirable manner.

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