Stretching for Seniors and Kids

by Sam Malone

The process of stretching is designed to improve flexibility in the body. It helps the muscles reach their maximum limit of elasticity. This offers the chance for the muscles to be well nourished as stretching improves blood circulation. Stretching is a simple form of exercise with tremendous benefits possible for those practicing it. Without building huge amounts of muscle mass, stretching allows the muscles in the body to be fit and well toned. This reduces the risk of injury when performing normal daily tasks such as bending and lifting.

When it comes to stretching for seniors or stretching for kids, there are a few things that need to be noted. Seniors tend to have weaker muscles and bones. This is normal and a result of old age and is nothing to be worried about. However, using the same exercises that a younger person might employ could prove disastrous. Therefore, specific exercises should be used for seniors. The first thing to check before trying any stretching for seniors program is the health of the senior in question. Some seniors may be suffering from conditions that affect respiration or conditions that affect the heart. These seniors should strictly avoid exercise that is not monitored, unless the doctor recommends the exercise. For seniors, stretching should be slow and patient. It is preferable that a group stretch together under the guidance of an instructor. This means the correct exercises will be followed and there will also be help in case of any injury or emergency. Seniors should stretch after walking or undertaking similar low grade exercise. Stretching is likely to improve blood circulation and flexibility. It will also reduce certain muscular aches and pains.

Stretching for kids is a different subject altogether. If stretching exercises are encouraged from a young age, the child will probably grow up healthier and will have better flexibility throughout his or her life. There is however some danger associated with children’s exercise and that is a danger of excess. A child’s body is extremely flexible. This allows children to easily perform stretching exercises beyond what even their parents may be capable of. For children, stretching should be done after play time when the body is worked out and warm. It can be made into a fun occasion for the family as well. Parents should pay attention to the actions of the children to make sure they are not over-exerting themselves. Guidelines from exercise books can be followed to decide the correct amount of exercise.

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