I am 19 years old. I want to increase my height with home remedies, can you give me some tips

Height increase is a common concern and even younger people these days are obsessed with this issue. One has to bear in mind that height is profoundly influenced by the unchangeable factor that is genetics. In fact, height is mostly dependent on the kind of genes that you have inherited. While home remedies, one's environment and lifestyle changes do impact the kind of height one reaches, the maximum height possible is thought to be predetermined. This can be rather disconcerting, but there are things which one can attend to in order to boost one's chances of growing taller. Another thing to bear in mind is that age is a limiting factor when it comes to height. Not only age, but also gender has its effect on height. This means that the age a boy generally stops growing would vary from the age a girl stops. At the same time, even amongst the sexes the ages where such growth stops would differ. This is why, even though you have reached the age of 19, you can try the following options to get a little boost in height.

To maximize growth potential, one has to be exposed to the best in nutrition. Fast food does not count as nutrition although lack of calories can be an impediment to height growth. The examples of malnourished children not reaching their height potential are all too well known. One has to obtain a well rounded diet which ensures balanced nutrition. It also helps to be physically active and involved in specific sports since exercise is a key way to get that added height. Swimming, for instance, is a highly popular option when it comes to people who wish to try to gain a few inches. One should also opt for various stretching exercises which focus on body elongation. For instance, yoga has a number of such stretching poses. Keep a track of the kind of medication that you use which might be functioning as a growth inhibitor. Talk to your doctor about this, if unsure about the kinds that could possibly be hindering you in your goal for a better height. One also has to become a lot more aware of the kind of posture that one has since this is a simple way in which to add height without actually growing. Many people have a tendency to naturally give in to slouching which could actually make them appear smaller or shorter than they are.

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