I want to try a natural herbal remedy for irregular periods and infertility before I sought medical attention by a specialist. Anything I can try?

There are several effective remedies for irregular menstruation and infertility. Following are some of the most useful natural cures:

  • The most effective treatment is black gram. This is used to strengthen the womb and aid in treating all kinds of menstrual problems such as delayed menarche, failure to conceive and painful menstruation. You can ingest black gram in any form like black gram laddu or various dishes made from this spice.
  • Linseed soaked water is another great remedy for irregular menses and infertility.
  • Consumption of kashayam prepared from linseed and black cumin seeds is also a good preparation for treating menstruation problems and infertility.
  • Composition of sugar candy, vaal milagu, poppy seeds and almond when mixed with honey and clarified butter provides a good formulation for treating various problems related to womb including menstrual problems and infertility. You can consume this formulation with milk.
  • Combination of Kungumapoo and milk is also effective.
  • You can even try a mixture of ground almond peel, honey and water. Drink this mixture for several days and it will definitely relieve you from irregular menses.
  • It is also advisable to avoid red meat and dairy products for better results in the treatment of irregular menses.
  • Take a low fat and vegetarian diet.
  • Avoid excess of sugar, caffeine, alcohol and other sweetened products.
  • For infertility, you can even try mud pack on your stomach and sexual organs.
  • Banyan tree root is an effective treatment for infertility.

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There are several possible causes for irregular menstruation — these include stress, prescription drugs, strenuous exercise, eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, and an excess of alcohol, tobacco, or caffeine. It is normal in most women for the menstrual cycle to vary to some extent, however, severe variations, such as unusually long or short periods, or unusually heavy or light flow, may be indications of a medical condition.

You have not mentioned the type and extent of irregularity you are experiencing. If the irregularity is severe, it will be best for you to visit your gynaecologist. Due to the large number and variety of possibilities, suggesting a herbal remedy is impossible.

In any case, if you have mildly irregular menses and are trying to conceive, you can take some general precautions to eliminate some of the common causes mentioned above. Obesity (20% over the ideal weight) and low weight (10-15% under the ideal weight) are also known to have a strong association with irregularity in menses and infertility. A BMI (body mass index) of 25-30 is considered overweight and a BMI of over 30 is considered obese. You should check your weight and BMI, and follow an appropriate exercise program based on your requirement to increase the chances of pregnancy and regularize your menses.

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