I have irregular menses and I am also fat what is the natural remedy for that.

Women who suffer from irregular menstrual periods can use a number of home remedies to cure this condition. One of the best home remedies for irregular menstrual periods is a decoction of jaggery, sesame seeds and cumin seeds which helps regularize the menstrual cycle. A decoction of bitter gourd roots can also be consumed two times a day to correct irregularities in the monthly periods. Coriander seeds or leaves can be used in a decoction and consumed three times a day to correct an irregular menstruation cycle. A paste prepared using water and a teaspoon of ground radish seeds is also a great home remedy for irregular periods. A combination of aloe sugar syrup and a green unripe papaya is one of the other effective home remedies for irregular periods.

The aerial roots of banyan can be used to make a decoction and this should be consumed with half a glass of cow’s milk just before retiring to bed. This remedy should be followed for at least 3 consecutive monthly cycles in order to regularize the periods. Raw parsley, parsley juice, aloe vera juice and grape juice are also very effective natural remedies to correct for an irregular menstruation cycle.

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How does running affects in causing irregular menstrual cycle?

Although normal running does not cause irregular periods, strenuous exercise and physical exertion as in the case of marathon running can bring about irregularities in the hormones and therefore result in irregular periods. Some of the main reasons for irregular menstrual cycle are an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, use of contraceptive pills and even pregnancy. Unhealthy body weight whether low or high is one of the causes of irregular periods as it causes hormonal imbalances in the body. On the other hand bad eating habits and conditions like bulimia and anorexia can also cause irregularities in the menstrual cycle.

Excessive exercising or running can also put strain on the body which can result in irregular periods. Other than making healthy diet and lifestyle changes treatment of irregular menstrual cycle can also be done with the help of easy home remedies. A boiled mixture of ground ginger, water and a little sugar should be had at least 3 times a day after meals to correct irregular periods. Essential oils of lavender, chamomile and clary sage can also be massaged on the abdominal and pelvic regions to help regularize monthly periods. Carrot, bitter gourd, grape and aloe vera juices are all very beneficial in treating irregular periods.

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Causes of delayed periods and heavy bleeding?

Delayed periods are a worry for most women and can be caused by a number of factors. Some of the main delayed period causes include hormonal imbalances, stress, weight loss, obesity, thyroid problems, depression, ovulation deficiencies, unhealthy diet and polycystic ovarian diseases. Bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption can also caused delayed periods in some cases. Although delayed periods can be the result of an early pregnancy, delayed periods do not always necessarily indicate a pregnancy. Having a late period and not being pregnant could be the result of physical or mental stress or even an underlying serious health condition.

Therefore it is always advisable to get yourself checked to rule out any other abnormalities which may be causing a delayed period. In some cases a delayed period followed by heavy bleeding could also indicate an early miscarriage and hence must be reported to the doctor at the earliest. Many women also experience period symptoms but no period. Symptoms like mood swings, bloating and cramps are present but sometimes women still don't get their periods. This could be the result of irregularities in the ovulation cycle; serious hormonal imbalances caused by thyroid and other glandular complications or even an early pregnancy.

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I have missed my 2 periods but I am not pregnant. What could be the reason?

The absence of menstruation is also known as amenorrhea and this condition could be classified as primary or secondary. Primary amenorrhea is a very rare condition and indicates the complete absence of menstruation in a woman. Secondary amenorrhea on the other hand indicates the absence of monthly periods in a woman who was previously menstruating. However secondary amenorrhea is not considered an option unless the woman has missed 3 consecutive periods. If you have a missed period but are not pregnant there could be other factors responsible for this such as hormonal imbalance, ovulation deficiency, perimenopause (incase of women 40 and above), polycystic ovarian diseases or thyroid problems. A late period and not pregnant could also indicate some physical or emotion stress and can even be caused by depression. Changes in the daily routine such as dietary modifications or strenuous exercise can also alter the pattern of monthly periods. In such cases it is best to give you body some time to adapt to these changes before you start with any form of medication or treatment. When the period is late but you are not pregnant it is always advisable to get yourself checked from a good doctor instead of worrying or self medicating.

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There is insufficient information regarding your weight, age, gender and activity pattern. Hormonal imbalance also contributes to weight increase. How irregular is it and how long has it been this way? Visit a gynaecologist for further advice. For tips to overcome irregular menses or menstrual problem do read our home remedy.

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