My periods are very irregular. For some 2months it comes on time and after that again it becomes irregular. Can you tell me some homemade remedies?

Irregular periods may be caused by hormonal disturbances, over exercising or stress. If you have irregular menstruation and this is accompanied by growth in facial hair and weight gain, you should consult your health care giver to rule out or diagnose a hormonal problem.

One way to regularize your periods is to go on a low carb or low glycemic index diet. The principle behind both these diets is to make sure that your blood sugar levels neither peak nor fall too rapidly. High blood sugar levels are a known culprit in causing menstrual problems.

Reduce your portion size by about 25-30%. If you typically eat 3-4 slices of pizza to feel full, try and stop at 2 slices. Eat in a smaller plate and chew every morsel carefully. After eating a reasonable amount of food, if you still feel hungry, give yourself twenty minutes before eating something else.

Getting moderate amounts of exercise for half an hour to forty five minutes each day will also help. Try not to overdo it, but at the same time make sure that the activity challenges you and is not too laid back. A brisk walk is better than a stroll.

Try and incorporate fiber into your diet. Switch to whole grain cereal wherever possible, cut down on desserts and sugary beverages and get lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Wherever possible pick fruit instead of juices. Juices are too sugary and have little or no fiber.

If you implement the above measures diligently they can lead to weight loss. Sometimes a weight loss of just 5 kilos can get your periods back on track. In addition to these lifestyle changes here are some herbal remedies you can try:

  • Take a Vitamin E supplement at a dose of 200-600 IU daily.
  • Grate and boil some fresh ginger. Add a little sugar to the extract and take it regularly.
  • Chaste tree or Monks's pepper is an oft-used herb for regularizing menstrual cycles. It is available in powdered and capsule form.
  • Taking evening primrose oil and supplements containing Omega-3 fats will ease cramping.

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