I am of 14 years, I started with my periods about 8 months back, but they are very irregular somemtimes the delay is of 10-12 days. I am overweight too. Is there a remedy for this? And is it really serious?

Menstruation refers to the monthly cycle in which blood is discharged from the uterus. All women go through this monthly bleeding from puberty to menopause, - adolescence to the age of around 45 to 50 years. The onset of puberty differs with each girl, but most girls start their period between the age of 11 and 14 years. There are various problems associated with menstruation, including mood swings and depressions due to the hormonal imbalances, painful cramps, excessively heavy bleeding or irregular bleeding. Irregular bleeding basically refers to light, spotty bleeding or a lack of continuity or regular cycle of bleeding. Usually when girls hit puberty and start menstruating, it takes a while for the body to settle into a regular cycle. However if the period continues to be irregular and the delay in each cycle is more than a day or two, it could be due to the diet and lifestyle. A diet that is lacking in the essential nutrients and emphasizes on fast foods and spicy foods can lead to irregular periods. Young girls and women who have an extremely active lifestyle or practice sports on an active basis also have irregular periods, since the excessive exercise interferes with the hormonal balance of the system. Any kind of undue stress, emotional, or physical can also lead to irregularity in the menstrual cycle.

In order to combat irregular periods and try and coax the body to settle in to a regular monthly cycle, you should ensure that you have a healthy and balanced diet, taking three proper meals a day with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. As far as possible you should avoid eating packaged foods and hot and spicy food. Apart from that, you can use some of these simple home remedies to regularize your monthly cycle. This helps to regularize the menstrual cycle. Similarly a decoction prepared with fennel seeds or coriander seeds, is also beneficial in regularizing the monthly cycle. Alternately you can soak some seeds overnight in a small bowl of water and consume the strained water the next morning. Another efficient remedy for irregular menstruation is drinking the infusion of the bark of the Neem tree thrice a day, till the regular monthly cycle has been set. Drinking the juice of bitter gourd is also said to be beneficial for regularizing the menstrual cycle. If you are into some kind of sports, then perhaps you should consult a doctor to see if you need to take any kind of medication to regularize your period.

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