Diabetes swelling remedies

plz. suggest the remedies for the swelling in fingures of the feet in winter season in case the person in diabetic

Fluid accumulation in the various tissues of the body, thereby resulting in inflammation is referred to as edema. Swelling of the eyelids, feet, hands, back, abdomen and ankle are commonly seen. It is also seen to occur as a side effect of certain oral diabetic medications. Mild edema is visualized in the beginning of insulin therapy. Deep vein thrombosis or blood coagulation in the deep veins of the leg is seen. The valves that regulate normal flow of blood is inhibited or damaged. Diabetic nephropathy, which affects the kidneys also result in edema. Congestive heart failure, wherein the blood is not supplied properly, results in edema, as sodium and water retention is seen. Salt intake is restricted and table salt is completely avoided. Cider vinegar is helpful in removing excessive water from the cavities. Physical activity aids in getting rid of the additional fluid. Smoking and alcohol are better avoided. Rubbing warm mustard oil on the affected limbs proves beneficial. Low carbohydrate diet with adequate protein is recommended. Fat intake depends on the body weight and other complications. Barley water is an effective and age old home remedy.

answered by Dr C

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