Diabetes Equipment Information

by Carol Gomes

Diabetes treatment and control depends heavily on the type of diabetes one has. However, depending on this one has to purchase certain equipment for diabetes to complement in diabetes control.

The diabetes equipment information is of great value when a diabetic has to purchase certain diabetic equipments for use. In type 1 and type 2 diabetes, insulin intake may be required. The methods can be different. In both these types of diabetes, one essential factor is the constant self-monitoring of glucose levels in the blood. Blood glucose meters , commonly called as glucometers are a must in the kit of diabetic equipment.

BGMs give an immediate measurement/ outcome of the blood sugar level. This information on diabetic equipments is essential to note how the diabetes control is going on, what diet and exercise is effective, and how is the treatment working on an overall basis. Glucometers are very handy and portable. They can be carried while traveling since it is small, light weight and easy to carry around. Along with the Blood glucose meters, testing strips, lancet and alcohol prep pad are also required. While using these equipments it is important to keep your hands clean by washing them so as to prevent any infection. Blood sugar levels are checked several times daily and insulin is taken after monitoring the glucose levels.

Insulin intake equipment for diabetes is extremely important for type 1 diabetics. Type 2 diabetes patients may or may not consume insulin. Insulin is taken through injections-a disposable syringe that injects insulin into the blood stream. The amount depends on the blood sugar levels and the type/ kind of food eaten. Insulin pumps are another method of insulin consumption. It is a preferred method of insulin delivery and is considered to be more effective as compared to insulin injections in maintaining the normal levels of sugar in the blood. It is being used widely. A diabetic person can attach the insulin pump to his/ her body and move around after adjusting the level of insulin in the device. It is recommended to remove this while bathing, swimming or doing any strenuous activity.

People with diabetes are prone to hypertension leading to heart complications. Home blood pressure monitors help one to self-monitor the blood pressure levels thereby facilitating one to take necessary action of keeping the same in check.

There are other insulin consumption devices such as insulin pens, insulin jet injectors, etc. Ketoacidosis is also seen amongst diabetics. Urine ketone test strips can be used to check if there are ketones present in the urine. Treating diabetes ketoacidosis is important since it may sometimes prove to be fatal. In case you are a diabetic, make sure to carry your entire diabetic kit/ diabetes carrying case along with you while you are traveling. Before purchasing these diabetes equipment, gather as much information on diabetic equipments as you can. Having relevant diabetes equipment information is a beneficial step in using them effectively.

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