Diabetic Neuropathy

by Sam Malone

Diabetic neuropathy is another complication caused by diabetes. This complication is caused generally because blood sugar levels have remained for quite some time. Diabetic neuropathy includes damage to those nerves which allow you to feel sensations like pain, etc. Though diabetic neuropathy is painful, in most cases, this pain is not a severe one. There are four different types of diabetic neuropathy, these are peripheral, autonomic, proximal and focal neuropathy, all deal with different types of neuropathy.

The most common type of diabetic neuropathy is peripheral neuropathy; this causes loss in foot sensation, which in turn might cause increase in diabetic foot problems. Many a times, due to this condition, foot problems might go unnoticed and that might escalate the chances of more problems. There are quite some numbers of symptoms of this condition; the most common feeling is numbness or tingling in toes, dizziness, drooping of facial features, difficulty in swallowing, etc. The causes for diabetic nerve damage are not known. Not all diabetics will develop nerve damage; some of them might see signs of nerve damage after decades after suffering from diabetes. Nerve damage can be controlled by keeping strict control over the level of sugar in diet as well as in body.

Preventing diabetes is the best way of preventing this condition; avoid smoking and alcohol to avoid diabetes as well as the diabetics too should avoid the habits to prevent any skin from nerve damage. The condition can also be cured by putting in regular check-ups with the physician, and also doing regular check up of the foot. There are very less number of treatments available for diabetic neuropathy. These include physical therapy to easy out pain and make blood circulation proper, along with some medicines which might help restoring sensation in body parts like feet. Analgesics may be used for patients who are experiencing pain in several areas of the body. Diabetic neuropathy attacks people suffering from diabetes, however, it is not known who are going to suffer from it within what time. Therefore, people with diabetes require being extra conscious while dealing with this condition, any of the above symptoms should make them check up the symptoms with the doctor immediately.

Different types of diabetic neuropathy also attack different body organs like the heart, stomach, etc. making it difficult to function properly. Diabetic neuropathy can be extremely damaging. Therefore, finding cure for this condition should be given utmost importance.

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