An Ideal Diet to Fight of Winter Blues

by Sam Malone

Winter is another time of the year when weight gain seems all too natural, especially on account of the festivities of the holiday season. With winter comes sluggishness and it is generally a time of the year where people feel a little down. A lot of people have a tendency to put on weight in the winter while others feel blue due to the cold weather. One has to understand that winter can be a wonderful time, especially with the holiday season. People looking to fight the winter blues must remember that one of the most important steps would be to refrain from overeating. More than overeating, one would need to be wary of overindulgence. This is because the many parties, buffets and other festivities that make up the holiday season also make it surprisingly easy to overindulge. The spread of rich food is always tantalizing and resistance to temptation can be extremely difficult during winter. Some people might also notice that they tend to consume more food and oilier food when the weather is cooler.

For each person, a winter diet might be unique, but there are certain general guidelines which could be followed. To begin with, a sure way to make yourself feel better and to give your body and skin the moisture it needs, is to drink lot of water. The problem with water consumption is that while our skin tends to dry easily and requires that consumption, we tend to unconsciously avoid too much water so as to prevent frequent bathroom visits when it gets cold. It is important to strike a balance and increase water consumption whenever possible. It would also be important to control oneself at holiday gatherings where food is aplenty and diets are often forgotten. Moderation is the key as is finding exercise that suits the weather. For instance, if jogging outside is out of the question, be sure to have indoor exercise to substitute it. Keep eating fresh fruits which are naturally available through the winter season since you need your nutrients. You should be able to have winter fruits such as the citrus varieties and avocados. One would need to eat healthy foods such that one’s immune system remains strong since winter is generally associated with the common cold and other ailments. Thus, plenty of vitamins must make up a part of your winter diet and immunity boosting sources of food, such as garlic, should also be included. 
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