Conception of a child has swelling of the feet.

Oedema or the swelling of the legs during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon and affects at least 90% of all pregnant women. This condition usually sets in from the third trimester. Oedema is generally caused by an increased pressure in the veins in your legs and water retention. It can also be caused by pressure from the baby - this pressure compresses the veins in the groin. As your pregnancy advances, your feet might begin to swell early in the morning and then get progressively more swollen as the day wears on. In addition, you could also develop high blood pressure, palpitations, weight gain, and increased urination.

To treat this, the first thing that you must do is to elevate your legs so that the pressure on your knees, thighs, and back is greatly decreased. You should also ensure that you are on a well-balanced diet and drink adequate quantities of water. Foods that are a natural diuretic are apples, citrus fruits, and watercress. You could also try eating increased amounts of garlic and onions because these foods encourage and help blood circulation. Use grape seed oil to gently massage the feet and ankles. However, if your legs are too swollen, massaging them might hurt more instead of soothing your pain. If the swelling is too prominent and pressing down on your calf leaves an indentation on your skin, you must seek the advice of your doctor at once to ensure that your pregnancy is progressing normally.

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