My daughter is 13 years old and not having period. Her problem is her height is very less. Please Help.

The menstrual cycle in a girl's body is governed by the laws made by her own metabolism and her hormones. Although girls generally begin menstruating around thirteen years of age, you should remember that there are no hard and fast rules governing this. Some girls may begin their menstrual cycle sooner than others. Heredity and the life that your daughter leads have a great deal of influence on this. Of course, if you would feel more comfortable getting a professional opinion, you should ensure that your daughter is examined by a physician.

However, it seems to me that regular exercise and nutritional food can help your daughter. Milk is always good for growing children and should be included in her intake. Cajole her into signing up for some regular exercise or sports of her choice. This will help her increase her height. If there are no organized sports available, then you can encourage her to jog every day. Give her a glass of warm milk at bedtime. Her diet should include fruits, vegetables, healthier bread options and plenty of raw vegetables. These will ensure that she eats high fiber food that provides her plenty of nutrients. Avoid giving her snacks that contain white flour, sugar, butter, cheese since these do not really add any nutritional value to her diet. A good night's sleep will help too.

answered by G R

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