I don't have a normal menstrual period but this month for more than 2 weeks, i'm having my period & sometimes its colored black. I just want to asked if its normal? What's wrong with my period?

Various factors like hormonal changes, anxiety, stress, and worries can contribute to irregular periods. Normally the color of menstrual blood is red, sticky with little thick consistency. However when the menstrual flow is slow the menstrual blood stays longer in the vaginal vault which leads to oxidation of the blood. As the menstrual blood is exposed to oxygen in the vault the color changes to black or dark brown. This is completely normal and the color of blood will generally be back to normal in a day or two. These black or brown clots are generally odorless and harmless. Stress is a major factor to slow down menstrual flow. Avoid any kind of mental worries and stress completely. Try the following home remedies to regularize your periods -  

  • Thus it facilitates menstruation. Add a tsp of asafetida in clarified butter and fry it. Add this mixture to a small glass of buttermilk. Have this once daily. Asafetida helps to increase the secretion of the female hormone, progesterone.
  • Sprout 2 tbsp fenugreek daily and incorporate it in your diet.
  • Iron and protein rich foods are good for dysmenorrheal. Include foods like sesame seeds, white pumpkin, papaya, drumstick, snake gourd, bitter gourd and cucumber.

If the delay or irregularity is marginal then you need not worry, however if it is too long then consult a gynecologist for a treatment.

answered by Dr S

I don't think having a menstrual period for as long as two weeks is normal. Sometimes, irregularities of menstrual cycle can be associated with gynecological problem.

answered by N

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