Walking with Crutches

by Sam Malone

Walking with crutches can require some skill and dexterity. Walking with crutches in all actuality is not a difficult task however it does require a lot more time in completing one’s daily tasks and routine chores. Normally, the crutches will be given to the patient by the hospital or the doctor. Getting a second hand pair may not always be the best thing to do as the crutches may not be of the correct height.

To start walking with crutches one should begin by practicing how to use crutches correctly to avoid getting arm pit burns or any other discomfort that is associated with using a pair of crutches when one is a novice. First start off by sitting on a chair or a bed and placing one’s crutches next to the person. Then proceed to stand up very slowly while getting a hold on the crutches to get to a standing position. Proceed to place the right crutch under the right armpit of the person and the left crutch under the left armpit. Next move the right crutch on the ground a few feet ahead of the person. While in the process of doing this one should very slowly take one step with one’s left foot. Next alternate the sides in the same manner till one has reached their destination point. Always remember to position one’s crutches to the correct height. To ascertain if the crutches are at the correct height there should be about a foot’s width between the top of one’s crutch and one’s armpit. This should be the height distance when one is holding the crutches in the normal position.

One should remember not to squeeze the crutches to one’s side or to keep the crutches at an unusual distance from one’s body. Another point to remember when walking with crutches is that one should keep the hand rail or piece in line with their hips. This is normally a removable part and keep can be detached by taking out a wing nut and then proceeding to slide in the bolt. One should always remember to lean on the foot that has not been injured. Also another point to remember is that when leaning on the crutches, one should make sure that they do not lean on their armpits. This can seem like the easier option initially but can develop into a painful rash. Keeping some socks folded in the armpit area could help with the problem of rash.

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