Increasing Height Tips: Hi, I Am 25 Years Old. Is There Any Natural Way By Which I Can Increase My Height. Please Help Me

Increasing height tips

Most people have a fixed genetic potential for the height they can grow to. Proper nutrition and plenty of physical activity in the growing years ensure that this genetic potential is achieved. Usually after 25, not much can be done to actually increase height. Some measures such as taking growth hormones may be of use in the adolescent years but may actually cause harm when taken later. Some kinds of surgery do exist for increasing height, but these are usually performed for abnormally short people and are not to be used as a cosmetic procedure as they involve breaking the bones.

Wearing certain kinds of clothes that cheat the eye can make you look taller. There are some simple rules to follow.

  1. Try and wear clothes that are one colour throughout, or at least do not something that is dark on top and light at the bottom.
  2. Wear your pants about an inch longer than usual and wear high heels under them so that the pant covers about half of the heel. This will give the illusion of longer legs
  3. Don't wear loose fitting clothes. They will swallow you up and make you look shorter.
  4. Wear lower necklines and don't wear clothes with tight collars. You will look taller if your neck looks longer, so try and avoid clutter around the neck
  5. Try and avoid big prints and big jewelery. Go with delicate and subtle things.

Another way to look taller is to improve your posture. You can try the Alexander technique. By teaching you how to hold your head and by correcting the curvature of your spine, the Alexander technique purports to make you look up to 2 inches taller.

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