Is It Safe to Dye your Hair During Pregnancy

by Sharon Hopkins

Many women refrain from going in for hair treatments such as colors and perms during pregnancy. Some are of the opinion that coloring the hair during pregnancy is quite safe, while others believe that caution must be exercised due to the risks it may carry.

The body absorbs anything that is applied on to the scalp. Experts propose that hair colors are not 100 per cent safe due to the presence of certain chemicals that can get absorbed into the bloodstream. However, research on the subject has not been very conclusive, as there are few studies that associate hair coloring during pregnancy with problems in fetal development. The safest bet would be to postpone coloring your hair until after the first three months of pregnancy, as during this period the organs of the baby are still in the early stages of development. This would ensure that all risks of various complications are significantly reduced. Another way to avoid the risks of any adverse effects arising from hair color during pregnancy is to opt for chemical free hair colors. Also, instead of coloring the entire hair, you may go in just for highlighting as this will ensure that you body absorbs a lesser quantity of chemicals. Most of the products available for home coloring contain very few chemicals. This is especially true of temporary hair colors. These products are believed to be relatively safer than professional hair colors.

Some women have observed that during pregnancy, their hair reacts in different ways to hair color. This is due to the elevation in hormonal production that takes place in the body during pregnancy. The increased hormonal levels can result in the hair taking in color faster than normal. Therefore it is important to keep a check on your color during the processing period. It is also advisable to frequently check on your hair to ensure that you achieve the desired hair color. During pregnancy, the color may need to be rinsed off sooner than normal. Testing the color on a small section of hair, before coloring the entire hair is recommended. There are some natural ways to color the hair. Reddish highlights may be achieved by applying a mixture of carrot juice and beet juice to damp hair. For blonde highlights, a cup of lemon juice mixed with 3 cups of chamomile tea works well. Brownish tints can be obtained by washing the hair with a solution of strong black tea.

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