What beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy?

You need to take care of yourself during pregnancy as this is important not only for the baby growing inside but also for yourself. This is a perfect time to pamper yourself, luxuriously. These days’ salons and spas offer various body treatments and facial spas for pregnant women.  Though most treatments are safe you should take a few precautions. During pregnancy your skin can start to look tired and worn out. This is primarily due to the hormonal changes that take place in your body. As the second trimester starts the skin develops stretch marks. Use Vitamin E supplements on the skin to keep it tight and prevent stretch marks. You might also experience excess hair fall during this stage. Massages are good to help keep the hair strong and nourished. You may be able to alleviate some of the effects caused by pregnancy such as backaches, swollen legs and dry skin by visiting a spa or a massage salon.

However, there are a certain few skin-care ingredients and beauty treatments that you should avoid during pregnancy. Avoid invasive or intensive skin-care procedures, as far as possible. Strictly avoid taking skin-treatments involving injections. This is because whatever is injected will find its way to the fetus trough the blood vessels. Do not opt for chemical peeling. Avoid procedures involving high temperatures. When pregnant, most women react very negatively to strong smells that may be found in bath or massage oils and lotions. Therefore, it is recommended that you insist on the use of unscented or virgin oil for massages during pregnancy, when indulging in a facial spa or body massage. Avoid laser treatments during pregnancy as they can be very painful. Nail extensions or artificial nails involve the use of certain chemicals, these can be absorbed through the skin and reach the fetus, therefore avoiding them during pregnancy would be a wise decision.

Hair coloring requires the use of chemicals, which can be absorbed by the scalp and enter the bloodstream. The unborn fetus can be exposed to these chemicals. Alternatively you can use a coloring product that does not contain chemicals or does not come in contact with the scalp. You can consider highlighting the hair. When getting the coloring done ensure that the room is well ventilated and that the color solution does not touch the scalp. Massages during pregnancy are relaxing. Manicures and pedicures are completely safe during pregnancy. Caution is to be exercised so that you do not inhale the chemicals associated with nail care. Facials are safe during pregnancy. Your skin may be sensitive and react differently to waxing when you are pregnant. Consult your physician before a waxing session.

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