Hair Dye Bleeding: Every time I wash my hair after dyeing my hair, the dye bleeds but I'm using permanent hair die, how can I stop this?

Sometimes a person’s hair is just not set up to accept dye. Just like some people cannot get perms. One alternative would be to use a natural hair dye like henna, but this depends on what colour you are trying to make your hair. Some bleeding off of dye is normal for the first few washings, but if it continues until there is no dye left and your hair does not hold the colour, you need to try something else. One other solution would be to make sure you wash your hair in cool water right after you dye it to help the hair close off and retain the colour. Letting your hair grow out completely before redoing the dye may help as well. Make sure your shampoo and conditioner are designed for colour treated hair or else they may strip the colour out of your hair.  Making sure your hair is properly moisturized will also help it keep the colour and stop bleeding out the dye. Dyeing your hair is damaging to it, so it important to give your hair a break sometimes so that it can grow out and get back to normal. It is also important to take very good care of your hair and avoid blow drying it.

answered by R P

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